Pahiatua Training and Fitness Club (Pahiatua Gym)

Pahiatua Gym is a non-staffed facility. The gym is administered by volunteers for the benefit of the community.  All proceeds from the gym go back into the purchase/replacement of equipment and the day to day running of the facility.Access to the gym is by swipe key fob or Pincode access only and is available 24/7 (subject to subscription type and Terms and Conditions).

The facility relies heavily on the strength of honesty amongst the community it represents and users are trusted to use the facility unsupervised.

All users (including casuals) must be registered via the Pahiatua Gym ‘Hello Club’ account. Users must register on the site and purchase a subscription type from the list available. Payment is made online at the time of registration. Once registered your application will be reviewed by the gym and approval provided if the gym is satisfied with the registration. This process is generally completed within a few hours but can take 12-24hrs at times. Upon approval you will receive an email with Pincode access (valid for 2 weeks) and instructions for uplifting your assigned key access fob.

You can register at:


As at November 2023

Adults: (18yrs-59yrs)

1 Month                         $30.00 

3 Months                        $80.00 

6 Months                       $150.00

1 Year                            $270.00

Juniors: (14yrs-17yrs). Special conditions apply to use of the facility and are detailed in the gym Terms and Conditions available upon registration.  

1 Month                        $20.00 

3 Months                       $45.00 

6 Months                       $80.00

1 Year                           $140.00

Senior: (60yrs +)

1 Month                        $25.00 

3 Months                       $70.00 

6 Months                       $130.00

1 Year                           $240.00


1 Month                        $55.00 

3 Months                       $150.00 

6 Months                       $270.00

1 Year                           $500.00

Casual, 1 day pass: (all ages). Pincode access valid on day of purchase only.


Please note: All initial subscription registrations incur a $15 administration/key fee

You can register at: